Providing an Inclusive Environment

“When I was considering starting my son at playgroup, I had many worries and concerns - how would he cope away from home? Would the staff be understanding towards his condition and how it affects him?  How would they respond if he experienced any difficulties?.  I arranged a meeting with Mrs Ward, the SENCO at Kinlet Family Playgroup, and also with the Play Assistant who would be his Key Worker.  The meeting gave me the chance to explain his condition fully and gave the staff the opportunity to ask any questions.  I left the meeting feeling totally confident in their abilities and understanding of looking after him”     Rachel - a Kinlet Family Playgroup Mum.

At Kinlet Family Playgroup we welcome all children and want them to make the most of their time with us as a good start to life is vital.

Making sure your child fulfils their potential takes a lot of preparation by parents and carers, and even more so if their child has special educational needs. We aim to work with families to give parents confidence in the knowledge that their child's needs are being fully supported.  In response to this, we have an Accessibility Policy, an SEN Policy and an Equal Opportunities Policy. We have two SEN trained members of staff working as the SENCO and deputy SENCO in the setting, and also an Equal Opportunities Officer. These members of staff work together and with your child’s Key Person to ensure the best level of support for your child.

We aim to ensure the capability for inclusion of all children, regardless of ability - educational, physically, emotionally and socially, and inline with the SEN and Disability Act 2001 and the Discrimination Act 1995, we make 'reasonable adjustments' for disabled children and do not treat disabled children 'less favourably'.

At Kinlet Family Playgroup we have ensured physical accessibility to the building by having permanent ramps up to the front door and from the back door into the playground, that is used by all.

The spacious bathroom has facilities for small children to use at their level, e.g sinks and toilets, the latter being in wide cubicles to enable adult help if necessary. Staff and children can also access to a disabled toilet in the adjacent school building. There is a large area in the bathroom for the provision of changing nappies of any children (a copy of our Nappy Changing Policy is available).

The playgroup is set out within one room where activities are stored at child height (where appropriate) to allow for access. Tables are at child height and can be accessed easily by all.

The outdoor area, accessed by ramp, is all on one even level.  There are no inaccessible areas due to this, which makes it suitable for use by all.

Our Special Educational Needs Officer (SENCO), and Manager Zoe Pearson  and deputy SENCO Nikki Lewis, undertake regular training and are the main points of contact for staff and parents alike. All staff members are required to be aware of disabilities and to treat all children equally, and to ensure the playgroup is arranged as such that can be accessed by any person, child or adult, with a disability.  Staff would also be required to undertake any training deemed necessary or helpful by the SENCO, to assist any child's experience at the playgroup.

The SENCO and Key Persons in the playgroup can access the outside assistance and will regularly liaise with health professionals, e.g. Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists, Physiotherapists, and Speech Therapists. This will ensure any child with a disability, or those who may show signs of needing extra help in certain areas, may access additional help to assist them during their time at playgroup.

As well as accessing outside information and assistance, staff will also hold regular discussions and meeting between themselves and with parents to ensure the child's playgroup experience is the most positive it can be.  Staff members will endeavour to regularly revise actions put in place to guarantee a dynamic thinking in regards to inclusion and accessibility, ensuring procedure are the best possible.

While the staff will always ensure that any children with disabilities will be treated as equals, we will also always be aware of the child(ren) when planning activities, outings and special events. Such activities will always be planned to include every child, taking into account abilities, and working to ensure that no one will be excluded.

If your child has any special needs and you would like to arrange an informal visit to the playgroup and meet with Zoe, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange this for you.

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